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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vegas and High Fashion

So my hubby and I went to Vegas this past weekend to celebrate the fact that I had finished my swag for the gift lounge. The kiddos stayed home, so it was grown-up central (first time in, I think, eleven years). I had never been to Vegas and was very excited to check it out. There were a couple of surprises.

First, I was expecting wall to wall people, kinda like a frat party. It was surprisingly easy to navigate (well, unless you wanted to cross the street and then you have to maneuver through escalators and walkways to get where you want to go).

My second surprise was all of the high fashion. I had no idea that Vegas was a fashion mecca! Of course, I checked out all of the bag and shoe stores :) First of all, how in the world does a female wear heels 8" high? Totally not practical for a Mom of three, beautiful and sparkly, but never gonna happen.

The bags were interesting. Beautiful colors of orange, yellow and blues (all hot colors for the upcoming Spring season) adorned the shop windows. I was surprised by how many different sizes were represented and also by the price of these pieces. Holy heck! $500 for a bag? Really?!?! Wow! Even if I had a ton of money, I could not imagine paying that much for a BAG! Most of the bags, of course, were leather, which increases the prices. While leather is beautiful, all I could think of was what happens if something, like say juice, gets spilled on it? Again, never gonna happen for this Mom.

One of the reasons I started making bags is because I could not find what I wanted in the stores. High quality, functionality, and a reasonable price. Plus, I could not find prints that I liked, or my favorite colors. One of the things that I am proudest of about my company is that each female that has a custom bag done gets to pick their fabric and have the bag done their way. I know that when I send a bag out to a customer, that they are gonna use it and I know that it will last a long while.

I know that high fashion is popular and I love to watch trends. I guess where my philosophy differs is that I think everyone has the right to choose what THEIR fashion is. People should not try to "fit into" some else's idea of what they should wear (or in my case carry), designers should try to get into the mindset of their clientele. It would be more profitable for me to say that I only offer certain fabrics and believe me, people have brought that to my attention. I don't buy it. I think that there is a large portion of the population that would love to be able to dictate what works for them. That is where I come in.

If you agree, check out to see past custom orders and place an order of your own :)

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  1. Hahahaa... I should of looked you up. I was in Las Vegas in January too.