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Monday, January 16, 2012

In line for the roller coaster

I remember my very first roller coaster ride. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and our family vacation every year or so was up to Sandusky OH to Cedar Point. I was *finally* tall enough to ride a big kid roller coaster.

It was a wooden roller coaster called The Gold Mine. My Dad took me to ride it. Since it was the height of the summer, it was hot and the line was long. We were in line for what seemed like forever. Anticipation was high. We FINALLY get to the ramp that leads to the loading platform and I start to get nervous. Some people are getting off the ride laughing and smiling, but others looked sick to their stomach. What if I wasn't ready? What if what I had built up in my head all year made me sick instead of jubilent? My Dad noticed that I had gotten quiet and asked if I was alright. (He knew that I was his cautious kid, always weighing my options, always looking for pitfalls, not a leap before you look sort of person). I just looked at him and he said, "You are never going to know, if you don't try. You are going to be fine. I am right here".

So on the coaster I went. The first hill was terrifying. That long ride up. The click, click of the chain and the shaking of the car (it was a wooden coaster) and I wanted to leap right out of my seat. We got to the top of the hill and away we went! It was breathtaking, fast and FUN!!

I went on to ride bigger coasters of all kinds as I became an adult. High, twisty, FAST. All because I had the courage (and a nudge from my Dad) to ride the first one.

Well, I am in line for another coaster of sorts. It has been a long 5 months. Signing up for the GBK Oscar Gift Lounge and deciding what I was going to make as my swag gift was just the start. I worked with some friends at The Artisan Group, rebranded and got a new Mama website up and running. I searched for days trying to find the right fabric, not only for the swag, but for my display piece as well. I even tried (and failed) at designing my own fabric. FINALLY, found the fabric and started making the swag gifts. All the while designing my display piece in my head. That is the hot and sunny in line work....not thinking about the ride itself, just working and waiting.

Now, The Artisan Group just finished the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge and I find myself on the ramp leading up to the ride. My display piece is done and I am 9 wristlets away from having all 100 swag gifts completed. I've made some great contacts, have some awesome promotional things lined up, the "sweat" part is almost over. Soon, all that will be left is the ride.

I find myself wondering what it will be like. I watched my friends getting on the roller coaster and getting off giving high fives and laughing this weekend. I am hopeful and excited that I will have the same experience. There is, of course, the thought that perhaps even though I have done everything I could, honestly given it all I have, that the ride may not be as great for me. But, you don't know if you don't give it a shot. So up the ramp I go, hopeful, excited and a smidge scared, but I am going on no matter what. I didn't stand in line all this time to turn back now :)


  1. It will be a great ride!!! And we're all here to hold your hand :) x

  2. sounds awsome, i love roller coasters but now with neck problems i cant go on, so ride a ton for me